Tips for working with recruiters to help you get the best result

Tips for working with recruiters to help you get the best result

Recruiters connect you with employers and roles that are a perfect match for your abilities, interests and values. They can be your best friend on the road towards landing a new job. Having an open, respectful working relationship with your recruiter can assist you in securing your next job sooner.

In this article, we will discuss a few simple tips that will help recruiters help you.

  1. Update your resume and prepare in advance: A current, up-to-date resume allows recruiters to jump-start the selection process. Ensure your resume contains all relevant information required for the role(s) you’re interested in. Prepare answers to commonly asked interview questions relating to your values, achievements, work preferences, strengths and weaknesses, and salary expectations. Be honest and accurate as this information will help recruiters match you to a job where you’ll not only thrive but also add value to the employer. Check our blog post on Resume Tips to ensure your CV has all the necessary information.

  2. Work with recruiters you trust:Just as a recruiter asks questions to determine whether you’re the right candidate for a job, you should ask questions to determine if they’re the best person to represent you. Work with a recruiter who follows ethical work policies, who won’t disseminate your resume without your consent, who communicates well, and who treats you like a person rather than just a product they can peddle.

  3. Respond to emails and texts promptly:Responding to messages from recruiters quickly shows eagerness and accountability in your job search. It can also help you capture time-sensitive opportunities. Don’t ghost your recruiter or you could miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime, and they might offer your dream role to another candidate. If you can’t call them back straight away, message them and let them know when you will be available to talk, preferably within a couple of hours.

  4. Communicate openly:Be honest about any other jobs you’ve applied for, and if you’re working with other recruiters. Let the recruiter know what stage you’re at in the selection process for other jobs. Most recruiters understand that job seekers use multiple channels for their job search and will appreciate your sincerity. Don’t burn bridges with one recruiter just because another recruiter seems to have a promising lead for you: you never know what might happen, and they might be able to help you in the future.

  5. Stay in touch: Connect with the recruiter on LinkedIn and stay in touch. You never know when an exciting new opportunity might arise.


We’re always happy to meet with job seekers, even if we don’t currently have any roles that suit you. Contact us for a confidential discussion.

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